ADA Access Texas is a web site dedicated to equal
access for people with disabilities. You will find
information on issues that are important to those of us
that use white canes, wheelchairs, guide dogs, braces,
sign language and other technology.

This web site is a place where we can share with others
some of our issues, as well as show what we, as people
with disabilities, are doing to address those issues.

We live in San Antonio, Texas home of the Alamo, a
symbol of independence for all. Like the defenders of
the Alamo we desire to live independent lives free to
pursue our dreams.

We have recently posted videos to this website that
address pedestrian safety.
Please follow this link to view
the videos.

Please be patient as we develop content for this web
site. Our web master is just an old guy that uses a
wheelchair and is learning how to design web sites. He
works cheap and is all we can afford.
ADA Access Texas